In this study, teachers opinions about the subject of Physical Education and Sports course in the schools that implement the Primary Years Program (PYP) in authorized status were examined. This study aims to get the opinions of Physical Education and Sports teachers on the Primary Years Program, the scope and sequence of the course, IB Learner Profile features and the development of international awareness. The study was conducted with six Physical Education and Sports teachers, two working in Ankara, three in Istanbul and one in Adapazarı, in 2018-2019 Academic Year. The data obtained in this research were collected through a semi-structured interview form, which is one of the qualitative analysis methods, and the opinions of the participants were evaluated through descriptive analysis.As a result of the research, it has been found out that the teachers of Physical Education and Sports lesson learned the scope and sequence of the courses related to the Primary Years Program applications during the process and the volunteering principle determines the quality of the practices for the implementation of the program. Besides, the study shows that the scope and sequence document used by the Ministry of Education and the one used by the Primary Years Program have some similar and different aspects and that the integration of these two documents in an integrated way plays an important role in the planning and evaluation of instruction.


Primary years programme, physical education, scope and sequence, identity, interactions, active living.

Author : Yeliz BULUT - Ebru HEZEN - Oğuzhan YONCALIK
Number of pages: 101-120
Full text:
The Journal of International Educational Sciences
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