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This study was made for investigating the sense of the employees in the educational establishments about the psychological and sociological effects of the technology; and submitting solution offers identifying the sociological and psychological problems. The research sample generates from 220 people incidentally among the teachers and administrators who got masters degree of Educational administration and inspection in Ahmet Yesevi University in 2013-2014 and who are still furthering their education in 2014-2015 academic year. The Cronbach Alpha scale value used in the study was computed as 0,96. For analyzing the data it was benfited from the frequency (f), percentag (%), average (x), t test and ANOVA analysis statistics. At the result of the research, it was infered that using technology reduced the communication and social interaction sociologically between teachers in the institutions; that the teachers became introverted; and psychologically that it caused mental fatigue; increased breakoff phenomenon; and reduced the senses of teachers. When it was evaluated binding with demographical factors, it was seen that the teachers and administrators who were between 31-40 years and had 1-2 years professional experience had much trouble perceptions. It was concluded that the teachers who were working in both private and state schools had the same level perception about the psychological and sociological effects of the technology.

Technology, Sociological effects, Psychological effects, Educational Institutions.

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