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Raising good and virtuous, well-behaved individuals is one of the most important goals of every family, school and society. Schools have an important function in the character and moral development of children in school age. With the planned education and activities organized on the schools, the virtues that the society has brought up to date from the society can be transferred to the students. Utilizing literary works in character education in schools is accepted as an effective method. It is revealed by past studies that even if the children read a literary work, the main idea that the author really wanted to give did not understand. The purpose of this study is to reveal the nature and importance of Turkish textbooks to give character education to children. In the study, the data were obtained with the the method of document review that one of sub-method from qualitative data collection methods. The texts in the textbooks should be read in the guidance of the teacher for the character education, interpretation of the messages and consolidation of the values. This would be an economical and practical teaching activity in the education process. Textbooks are the most easily accessible teaching material and has importance for character education so while choosing text for textbooks, texts with an emphasis on character education should be preferred.

Chracter education, value transfer, literary work, text book

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