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The aim of this study is to determine what strategies are being used by the school management in the socialization process of candidate teachers, what the expectations of candidate teachers from the school administrators and their colleagues are and what kind of difficulties they encounter most in this process. The phenomenology which is one of qualitative research designs has been used in the research. Research data has been collected through semi-structured interview form from 14 candidate teachers working in public schools in different provinces of Turkey in 2015-2016 academic year. Candidate teachers participating in the research have been identified by the methods of criterion sampling, maximum variation sampling and theoretical sampling. As a result of the research, it has been found that socialization strategies implemented by the school management are generally inadequate in the socialization process of candidate teachers. In this process, it has been emerged that candidate teachers expect support from experienced colleagues and especially from school administrators in adapting to school, environment and the educational processes but they cannot receive adequate support in this respect and accordingly they experience some issues related to environment, school management and physical structure of the school.

Candidate Teacher, Organizational Socialization, Organizational Socialization Strategies

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