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The aim of the current research was to examine the critical thinking attitudes of university students. In this regard, single and relational survey methods were used. The participants of the research were made up of the students (N=464) at two state universities in Marmara region. For data collection, The Critical Thinking Attitude Scale” developed by Saracaloğlu and Yılmaz (2011) was used. The analysis revealed that the participants were generally found to have quite positive attitudes. As for the sub-scales, the scores of problem identification and evidence-based decision making were found to be high, while the scores for hypothesis testing and information gathering were moderate. Although the critical thinking attitudes of male students were found to be relatively higher than the females, no significant difference was observed between the two. As for the males, significant differences were found in hypothesis testing and evidence-based decision making sub-domains, while no significant difference with regard to gender was observed in problem identification and information gathering sub-scales. The critical thinking attitudes of the participants showed no significant difference in terms of the frequency of reading books and social media use.

Critical thinking, critical thinking attitude, university students

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