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Making use of the survey method, this study is intended to depict the level at which the science teacher candidates use the internet for educational purposes on the basis of different variables. The sample group of the study consists of 254 undergraduate students studying at different grades of the Department of Science Teaching at Erzincan University in the 2015-2016 academic year. The “Internet Use for Educational Purposes” Survey, developed by Yılmaz (2012), was used for collecting data after having been modified. The scale used in the study is made up of 12 multiple-choice questions and 26 likert questions. The factor analysis was primarily done for checking the validity of the survey. While the factor analysis was being carried out, 21 questions were assessed together and another factor analysis was done for the remaining 5 questions. It was realised that the first 21 questions were classified under six dimensions while the other five were classified under one dimension. It was examined whether there were significant changes among the teacher candidates with respect to their levels of use of the internet for educational purposes based on such variables as gender, age, possession of personal computer, level of academic success, the place where they have an access to the internet and the limitations of access time, the purpose of using the internet, the activities preferred in place of the use of the internet, the way they use the internet for contributing to their education and the site extensions used while doing research on the internet. It was realised that the variables affect one another and the use of the internet for educational purposes significantly following the Crosstab test, Independent Samples “t” test an done-way ANOVA test.

Internet, Use of the Internet for Education, Educating Teachers, Science Education.

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