Teachers have the most important role to ensure the educational effectiveness of a school. Teachers as effective educators are aware of the importance of their professional development in accordance with the changing conditions over time. In addition, the professional development of teachers is important for both the student's academic achievement and effective schools. All activities carried out in order for teachers to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and competencies and to gain a new understanding in order to teach more effectively are evaluated within the scope of professional development. As for the professional development of teachers, school administrators have important responsibilities. School administrators need to provide teachers with more qualified professional development opportunities that meet their professional development needs, determine their professional development needs, organize professional development activities appropriate to their needs, encourage and ensure their participation in the organized activities, and encourage the implementation of the theoretical knowledge into practice. They also play an important role in assessing the quality and effectiveness of a professional development education, transforming the school environment into a learning environment for all faculty members, and raising awareness that learning is an endless process and making professional development a necessity. This study is thought to be useful in providing information about the factors to be considered for the effectiveness of professional development activities and the duties of school administrators in guiding professional development.


Professional development, Planning a professional development education, School administrator, Teach

Author : Mustafa ÖZDERE
Number of pages: 56-74
Full text:
The Journal of International Educational Sciences
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