Author : Phil. Atanur KARA
Number of pages : 135-149


Abstract Large-scale immigration itself or new situations migrations impose a process based on indeterminacy and incalculability. These elements are more dominant in mass migration in the global world. Societies/states whose relations have became tighter with the effect of globalization are either exposed to these migrations or a force against the source of the migrations, or both, to the extent of their relationship. In every new situation that will exit, the societies/states face various influences on issues such as security, economy, labor market, nationalist attitudes / reflexes, demography, cultural change, housing need, education and language teaching. If the countries do not have experience of migration with variable dynamics integration is delayed; the assumed load becomes heavier. Reflection of chaos in Syria as mass migrations to Turkey showed that Turkey was prepared/unprepared for the extent of the migration. Despite the last eight years, Turkey has a “matter of Syrians”. Although Turkey showed a significant neighborly relations, ideal integration could not be achieved. The aim of this study is to draw a general framework for integration based on the educational policy implemented by Turkey, since the Syrians to immigrated to Turkey.


Syrian migrants, education, integration, temporary protection.

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